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Student Permit Common Questions


Getting a student permit from LTO is convenient nowadays (see 3 Major Steps in Applying for a Student Driver’s Permit). I remember when I’ve applied for a student permit many years ago, I’ve obtained it in just a few hours even though I’ve applied in the afternoon (I’ve prepared all the requirements prior to the application). However, having a student permit also has its guidelines to be considered. Many student permit holders don’t know what are their responsibilities and limitations. Several people are asking me the common questions with regards to student permit. In this article, we’ll tackle the frequently asked questions in student permit.

  1. How to get a student permit?
    Getting a student permit is just easy. All you need is an NSO birth certificate and money to pay for the necessary fee. Remember, NSO birth certificate is needed! To know more about getting a student permit, visit 3 Major Steps in Applying for a Student Driver’s Permit.
  2. How long is the validity of student permit?
    According to the official LTO government website, student permit shall be valid for one (1) year from date of issuance and may no longer be revised, modified or renewed.
  3. Can I apply for a non-professional or professional driver’s license even if I have an expired student permit?
    No. You should have an unexpired student permit in applying for non-professional or professional driver’s license.
  4. When am I eligible to get a non-professional driver’s license or a professional driver’s license?
    After (1) one month of having a student permit, you can apply for a non-professional driver’s license. In professional driver’s license, you should hold at least (6) six months student permit, following that you are qualified for its rules. For more information, please refer to the article about getting a non-professional driver’s license or professional driver’s license.
  5. Can I drive alone even if I only have a student permit?
    Is it against the law to drive alone if you only hold a student permit. Having a professional or non-professional driver’s license is necessary, meaning, as a student permit holder, you should be accompanied by a person with driver’s license.
  6. If I will drive in the road, is it necessary that a person must have a professional driver’s license to teach me how to drive?
    You may only operate a private vehicle and only if you are accompanied by a duly licensed driver, whether a holder of non-professional or professional driver’s license with the appropriate restriction code for the type of vehicle to be driven.

Here you go, you are now confident because you know the answers to the common questions asked about having a student permit. Remember, a violation even if you only have a student permit will reflect when the time you’re ready to get a driver’s license. Be sure to follow the rules and regulations so that you could eliminate some hurdles in obtaining a driver’s license. Do you have your student permit now? Let us know what is your other questions with regards to it by providing your comments below.

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    1. LTO Exam

      If you are accompanied by a duly licensed driver, you can drive a motorcycle even if it is only a student permit.

  2. Jesse N.Villaseñor

    ask ko lang bakit nagparenew ako ng pdl ko ay inalis nila ang code 8.
    isa po akong ofw at heavy driver po ang license ko abroad.
    na aquire ko ang code 8 long time ago na at nagrenew din nmn ako pero di nila inalis ang code 8 pero now nagparenew ako inalis nila.(binan lto)

    1. LTO Exam

      I-contact niyo mismo kung saan kayo nag-renew, ask niyo kung bakit inalis ang code 8, probably error nila yun.

  3. rhoan mae antonio

    what would i bring if im going to renew my expired student permit license?

    1. LTO Exam

      Expired student permit, you should bring the requirements stated in this article:


    sir 1month na ba ang student kapag feb 8 ang issue then kukuha ako ng non pro ng march 9?pwede na po ba un kc di ba ang month of feb is until 28 lang?

    1. LTO Exam

      1 month = 30 days.

  5. Ardie

    Pwede po ba na yung SP ko na expired na ang ipakit ko sa LTO office pag kukuha po ulit ng new SP? computerized naman na po diba?

    1. LTO Exam


  6. Mer Ibuig

    Pag po ba pang 3 beses na nakakuha ng Student permit at na naexpired ulit, hindi na pwede kumuha ulit?

    1. LTO Exam

      Pwede pa naman.

  7. Mila king

    Hello. What is the requirements if i apply for student permit again. I have an expired SP. ty.

    1. LTO Exam

      Ganun pa din kung papaano ka kumuha ng student permit noon. Read our article:

      1. miggz

        Sir tanong ko lang po.. kapag po ba kumuha ako by monday ng SP., makukuha ko rin po ba agad yun within that day?? And magkano po magagastos ko po sa pagkuha ng SP lahat lahat po??

        1. LTO Exam

          Yes, makukuha mo iyon within a day. For reference sa pagkuha ng SP, read this article: