LTO Driver’s License Restrictions and Conditions

It is very important to know what type of vehicle a driver can operate. Ignoring this and driving a vehicle which is not indicated in a driver’s license,…

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Student Permit Common Questions

Getting a student permit from LTO is convenient nowadays (see 3 Major Steps in Applying for a Student Driver’s Permit). I remember when I’ve applied for a student…

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Motor Vehicle Plate Registration/Renewal Schedule

Registration of motorcycle or car can be tedious in the Philippines. One of the biggest obstacle is the hassle that you could encounter while the LTO personnel process…

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5 Year LTO License Validity, Implemented

This news sounds beautiful to the ears for all motorist in the Philippines. Reminiscing the time where corruption is too notorious in our driving government agency which is…

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How to renew your driver’s license in LTO Philippines

License renewal in the Philippines is just easy. Individuals must abide in the rules and regulations to avoid hassle. Before your driver’s license renewal, you should consider these…

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