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LTO Driver’s License Restrictions and Conditions


It is very important to know what type of vehicle a driver can operate. Ignoring this and driving a vehicle which is not indicated in a driver’s license, a license holder may face charges and penalties. Restriction codes are assigned based on the type and gross vehicle weight (G V W) of vehicle a driver can operate. For non-professional driver’s license, 1, 2 and 4 are only allowed, otherwise, all restriction codes are allowed for professional driver’s license. Here’s the list of restriction codes from 1 to 8:

Restriction Codes based on Gross Vehicle Weight (G V W):

  1. Motorcycles/Motorized Tricycles
  2. Vehicle up to 4500 kg. G V W
  3. Vehicle above 4500 kg. G V W
  4. Automatic Clutch up to 4500 G V W
  5. Automatic Clutch above 4500 kg. G V W
  6. Articulated Vehicle 1600 kg. G V W & below
  7. Articulated Vehicle 1601 kg. up to 4500 G V W
  8. Articulated Vehicle 4501 kg. and above G V W

Note: If you failed the actual/practical exam on a specific restriction code, for example 2 – for vehicle up to 4500 kg. G V W, and you applied for 1 and 2, 1 will only be printed on your driver’s license which means you can only drive with a restriction 1 – motorcycles/motorized tricycles.

Gross Vehicle Weight (G V W) is the overall weight of a vehicle as specified by the vehicle manufacturer which includes vehicle’s engine, chassis, body, fluids, fuel, accessories, driver, passengers and other loads.


Aside from restriction code, conditions applies on an applicant to be assessed during the application process if he/she is capable of driving or operating a vehicle safely. For example, if an applicant has a vision impairment, he/she needs to wear eyeglasses (condition A) while operating a vehicle. Here’s the list of conditions from A to E:

A. Wear eyeglasses

B. Drive only with special equipment for upper limbs

C. Drive only with special equipment for lower limbs

D. Daylight driving only

E. Accompanied by a person with normal hearing

Note: Special equipment of an applicant shall be assessed by the LTO licensing evaluator during the application process if it fits the applicant with the vehicle to be used.

Prior to the application process, if you have a vision impairment, bring an eye glasses to avoid hassle in medical exam. Be sure to drive a vehicle according to your license type, driving restrictions and conditions. A good driver means a law-abiding citizen.

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  1. Neo abdon

    My drivers license restriction is 4,and i wanted to change or add restriction or what will i do?

    1. LTO Exam

      An additional restriction is necessary, it’s like applying for a new license (Non-professional License), except for having a student permit. You’ll need to provide your previous license with the restriction code 4.

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