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What is LTO Exam Reviewer all about?

LTO Exam Reviewer is created to help and assist aspiring drivers to pass the actual LTO exam using its online test reviewer. If you want to get a professional or non-professional driver’s license, there are two types of exam in LTO, the written examination and practical examination. The first step to obtain a driver’s license is to take the written examination. The exam may be easy, but it is not a license for every individual aspiring drivers not to review. The key to success is not just you have the guts to take the exam but to do your responsibility to study and review. This site was launched to promote the best principle before and after the LTO examination. It also gives tutorials, guides and tips about driving.

Why choose LTO Exam Reviewer?

Navigating through this site, you will find that it is a wise choice to use this as the preparation for your actual LTO written examination. It is the most comprehensive, responsive and informative LTO exam reviewer. It is comprehensive as it gives you the actual test from LTO. It is fully responsive in design. Whether you’re in desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile, you can use efficiently use this site that will suit your needs. It is informative because it gives you not just the reviewer tool but also delivers a great resource about driving, licensing, etc.

Who founded LTO Exam Reviewer?

Steve Drive founded this site. He is a professional web developer, programmer, computer hardware technician, blogger and a driver. Way back 2010, he began blogging. During those years, repairing PC is his job until he found his skills in blogging. At first, he didn’t get any success in the course of his track. That is the time he set aside blogging and focused in his web development job. However, he cannot resist his passion in blogging, that’s why he created this blog along with other blog site which aims to help people. LTO Exam Reviewer was created not just by Steve Drive but with the help of his LTO personnel friends. Therefore, LTO Exam Reviewer runs by a community of passionate and law-abiding citizen in the Philippines to improve the government system in regards with driver’s licensing and motor vehicle registration.

Where to start using this site?

This site has three major sections on its navigation. The first one is, the LTO exam reviewer section which has two types, the Tagalog Reviewer and the English Reviewer. If you want to straightly take the exam reviewer, use this section. The second one is, the Resource section where you can download forms and navigate through the test questions with answers. If you want to view the LTO exam questions with answers, use this section. Lastly, the Blog section which gives you tutorials, guides and tips about driving, licensing, etc.

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