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3 Simple Steps in Applying for a Non-Professional Driver’s License

Most citizen in the Philippines apply for a non-professional driver’s license as it is categorized to be restricted only for private vehicles and you can apply after one (1) month of your student driver’s permit unlike for a professional driver’s license that will allow you to apply after six (6) months. As noted before (How to apply for a student driver’s permit), driving is a big responsibility. You should be responsible once you obtain your driver’s license. Before applying for a non-professional driver’s license in the Philippines, you should consider these steps:

Step 1: You should know its eligibility and requirements.

An applicant is eligible for applying a non-professional driver’s license if he/she is:
  1. At least eighteen (18) years old
  2. Physically and mentally fit to operate a motor vehicle
  3. Able to read and write in Filipino or English
  4. Clean, neat, and presentable

Wearing of sando, sports shorts, and slippers during photo-taking and examinations will not be allowed.

Requirements for applying a non-professional driver’s license:
  1. Duly accomplished application form for driver’s license (ADL) [Download Non-Professional Driver’s License Application Form here]
  2. Valid student driver’s permit (at least one month old) [Here’s how to get a student driver’s permit]
  3. Medical certificate with official receipt (from LTO accredited or Government physician, valid only for 15 days)
    If you have a poor vision, you should consult an ophthalmologist and bring an eyeglasses because you might regret of returning back just to have an eyeglasses
  4. Negative drug test result (from a DOH accredited drug testing center & Government Hospital)
  5. Taxpayer’s Identification Number (TIN), if employed
  6. Must have passed the written examination
    To pass the exam you should know the Philippine road and traffic rules as well as the ethics in driving. Before taking the exam, the LTO personnel will teach you those things, giving you a reviewer as well. To be more prepared, there’s an LTO Exam Reviewer in this site [Here’s the LTO Exam Reviewer in English] [Here’s the LTO Exam Reviewer in Tagalog].
  7. Must have passed the practical examination
    It is important that you know how to drive first before you apply for a driver’s license. You can bring your own car/motorcycle for actual driving examination, or you could use their car/motorcycle, both have fees.

Note: There will be no more drug test required for all driver’s applications & renewals in accordance to Republic Act No. 10586.

Step 2: You should know where to apply.

Venue for applying a non-professional driver’s license:

You can apply at any licensing center/district office with new driver’s license transactions.

Step 3: You should know its procedures.

Procedures for applying a non-professional driver’s license:
  1. Go to the customer service counter to get your checklist of requirements and secure a driver’s license application form. [This form is available for download here. You can accomplish this form prior to transacting your business at the LTO.] Get a queue number.
  2. When your number is called, go to the evaluator counter and submit all the required documents and have it checked for completeness and authenticity.
  3. When your name is called, go to where your photo and signature will be taken.
  4. Go to the cashier to pay the application fee.
  5. Go to the Examination Room for the lecture and written exam. (You can review the LTO exam here).
  6. After passing the written exam, wait for your name to be called for the practical exam.
  7. After passing the practical exam, go to the cashier when your name is called for payment of necessary fees and obtain an official receipt (OR).
  8. Go to the releasing counter, wait for your name to be called and present the OR and claim the card type license.
Fees and charges for applying a non-professional driver’s license:
Application FeeP100.00
Computer FeeP67.63
License FeeP350.00 P585.00
Computer FeeP67.63
TotalP585.26 P820.26
  1. Never apply with fixers. It’s easy to apply for a Non-Professional Driver’s License, you can do it on your own. Be punctual, in my experience when I applied at noon, there is a little chance of getting into their quota. Perhaps if you go to the LTO office early in the morning (around 6:00 a.m.) you could have a higher chance. Be patient, there are several steps in order for you to obtain a driver’s license. Driving is a passion, so is waiting.
  2. Non-Professional Driver’s License will expire after three five (5) years at your birthday of the expiry year. You should renew it before its expiry day to avoid penalties and charges [Here’s how to renew your existing driver’s license].
  3. Non-Professional Driver’s License entitles you to only drive private vehicles according to your license restrictions.

LTO Exam

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  1. melisa tolentijo

    do i need to take another medical exam when i failed the exam ?

    1. melisa tolentino

      TOTAL amount to collect for new license motor non pro is 820 is there an charges aside from this?

      1. LTO Exam

        None other else, but the license validity is extended, it is now 5 years.

        1. Janjan

          You can bring your own car/motorcycle for actual driving examination,

          Pwede magdala na motor kahit nka SP pa ako? Mag a apply for non Prof? Pwede magdala ng sariling motor kahit wlang pang NON Prof

          1. LTO Exam

            Oo, pweda kang magdala ng sarili mong sasakyan.

        2. Julius santos

          Question po.. April 18th ko po nakuha SP ko.. pede na ba akong kumuha ng non pro ngayon (17th). Thank you.

          1. LTO Exam

            Pwede kang kumuha ng non-pro after one month, as it was stated on the article above.

          2. mikay

            ask ko lnh po san po lto branch un ng rerelease na ng pa card na licensed un di na papel.. need kc as valid id e.. thankyo.

        3. Ebuen jeril par

          Pareho lng po ba ang bayad sa non pro at sa pro?maraming salamat po sa sagot,saka pano po kung wala tin number?

          1. LTO Exam

            Oo, ang pinagkaiba is requirements. Okay lang kahit walang TIN kung hindi employed.

    2. LTO Exam

      Not necessarily, unless it is expired. Medical test is only valid 15 days from the date of issuance.

    3. LTO Exam

      Yes, the validity of medical exam is 15 days. So, if you failed the exam, you can re-take the exam after one month. Therefore, 15 days is over for the medical exam.

    4. Eric

      hello po panu po pag walang car/motorcycle for actual driving examination?

      1. LTO Exam

        Meron ang LTO mismong ipro-provide, may babayaran lang. Pero kahit may dala ka na sasakyan, may babayaran ka pa din, mas konti nga lamang.

        1. Jennifer

          How much po babayaran both if may dala sasakyan o wala?

    5. Ryan

      pwede po ba wag na mag actual driving test ? nandito po ako now LTO kaso d ko po alam qng kakasya pera ko ..

      1. LTO Exam

        Kailangan talaga ang actual driving test.

    6. Rhodora Rodriguez

      Sir,sa actual drive test po merun po bang automatic car ang LTO at how much po ang pag gamit nito?im leaving in France po and i used to drive here,also i have a french license.,but i wanted to drive also in the Philippines..and i guess i need to take first the written test also..Thank you in advance!

      1. LTO Exam

        Yes, mayroon silang automatic car. Pwede mong magamit driver’s license mo from France, 90 days from date of arrival. You can also convert yun to Philippine driver’s license.

      2. joanne

        ask q lng po,ung asawa q po kasi is a U.S citizen at ipapa convert po sana namin license
        nya dito kaya lng po sabi ng LTO Branch s Daet kng saan kmi kumuha eh hindi daw po
        mai co convert dahil wla daw pong Code ung license ng husband q!!! comercial drivers license po kc license ng husband q s U.S at CDL po nka lagay at no restriction code..anu po b dapat nmn gawin? English translation nmn po ang nsa license ng husband ko,kahit po student hnd xa bnbgyan,9 months n po xa dto s pilipinas. Pls! need po nmn ng help

  2. Janjan

    You can bring your own car/motorcycle for actual driving examination,

    Pwede magdala na motor kahit nka SP pa ako? Mag a apply for non Prof? Pwede magdala ng sariling motor kahit wlang pang NON Prof

    1. LTO Exam

      It is prohibited to drive if you still don’t have a license. Unless, you are accompanied by a person with a valid driver’s license. In short, pwede kang mag-drive kung may kasama kang drayber na may lisensya, para kung kukuha ka na din ng lisensya, yung motor mo ang gagamitin mo sa actual exam.

  3. joel buan

    sir . sa practical test ng motorcycle . automatic , semi automatic or with clatch ba ang gagamiting motor. ?

    1. LTO Exam

      Depende, pero usually semi-automatic na motorcycle.

      1. Theo

        Sir pwede poba motor lang dadalhin ko kahit magkuha ako nang license para sa motor at sasakyan?

        1. LTO Exam

          Oo, pero kailangan mo din mag-test drive sa 4-wheels, so it means, kapag nagtest-drive ka ng motor, motor mo ang gamit mo, then kapag sa 4-wheels, sa kanila na.

          1. Nassef

            Pero so kung kumuha ka ng motor at sasakyan para non pro licence mo..pero motor lang alam

          2. LTO Exam

            Motor lang ang lisensya mo, required ang test drive both vehicle if ang restriction is 1 2.

  4. Eihtur

    Do I still need a medical cert even tho I just had my renewal of sp and it requires me to have a medical certificate?

    1. LTO Exam

      You only need a medical certificate if you’ll get a non-pro or pro license from student permit. Medical certificate is only valid for 15 days.

  5. Vhince Patrick Herreras

    Pwede po ba student permit to professional license? Magkano po Maya and aabutin?

    1. Vhince Patrick Herreras

      Pwede po ba student permit to professional license? Magkano po kaya aabutin? Kahit di na po ba dumaan sa non professional?

    2. LTO Exam

      Yes, para sa impormasyon, visit mo ang post na ito para sa pagkuha ng professional driver’s license:

  6. Gabriel Santos

    Hello! Sa mismong lto main sa east ave may pagkukuhanan ba doon ng Medical Certificate? Thanks!

    1. LTO Exam

      Probably, karaniwan sa malapit sa LTO o sa loob mismo ng LTO may clinic para makakuha ng medical certificate.

  7. BERT


    1. LTO Exam

      Halos. May mga kumuha ng exam recently na nakapasa sa actual written exam sa tulong ng reviewer na ito. I hope, patuloy nating suportahan ang site na ito para sa mga susunod na henerasyon na kukuha ay makatulong ang site na ito.

  8. marcial

    tanong lang po kung hindi pa masyadong magaling sa ssingle na motor,
    pero marunong nman kapag tricycle ang gamitin, puede po ba un a practical exam?

    1. LTO Exam

      Yes, pwede kang magdala ng sarili mong sasakyan sa actual exam.

  9. Mae Abalos

    Hi valid pa ba yung SP if more than 1 month na?

    1. LTO Exam

      Yes, hanggang 1 year ang validity ng Student Permit.

  10. Karlos

    magtatanong lang po ako, yung validity po ng aking non pro ay 2017-2021 tama po ba iyan? example July 23, 2017 ang start hanggang July 23, 2021 po ba talaga ang validity? o hangang July 23, 2022? paano ba ba ang counting?

    1. LTO Exam

      5 years from the date of application, ang katapusan is your birth date mo nang year na iyon, so it means 2022 nang birthday mo.

  11. Mark

    Failed ako sa exam for non pro….
    After 1mth pa ako mag retake…mgppmdcal pb ako nun??
    Anu ba process as retake??

    1. LTO Exam

      Yes, after 1 week hindi na valid yung medical certificate, so it means kailangan mo ulit magpa-medical.

  12. dong

    ask ko lang po kung pwede na po ako kumuha ng non pro. license im 17 years old may 18 po sa oct. pwede na po ba yun?????? 🙂

    1. LTO Exam

      Yes, sa October pwede ka nang kumuha, 18 years old ang pagkuha ng non-pro at pro na driver’s license.

  13. Emerald

    May list po ba kayo ng places kung saan makakakuha ng non-pro? Taga-dasmariñas cavite po ako.

  14. Edgardo C.Deuda

    ano po ang dapat kung gawin kung ang aking licensya ay 7 taon nang expired upang mag karoon muli ng valid license

    1. LTO Exam

      Punta ka mismo sa LTO office na pinag-apply mo, ask mo kung pwede pa ipa-renew yun.

  15. Larissa

    Question! Im confused. 18 na po ang non pro? Sa isang reviewer po kasi na nakita ko 17 lang?? Alin po ang tama

    1. LTO Exam

      According to official LTO government website, 18 years old ang bagong age para kumuha ng non-pro.

  16. Renalyn​ fernandez

    Pwede na po ba ko kumuha ng non-pro kasi 1month na po sya sa darating ng june 19 2017 ang student permit ko po valid 1year expiration.

    1. LTO Exam

      Yes. This comment section will be closed, and if you have questions, feel free to register and post a new topic in our support forum site. Thank you.

  17. marvilyn

    Expired napo ang sp ko. Pwede pa po ba ako kumuha ng non pro?

    1. LTO Exam

      Kailangan mong kumuha ulit ng student. This comment section will be closed, and if you have questions, feel free to register and post a new topic in our support forum site. Thank you.

  18. eugen

    pede bang kumuha ng non prof driver license kahit wala pa po motorvehicle or sariling motor or 4 wheel kc minsan nagmomotor ako sa highway motor ng byenan ko.

    1. LTO Exam

      Pwede, may sasakyan na pang-drive test sa LTO. This comment section will be closed, and if you have questions, feel free to register and post a new topic in our support forum site. Thank you.

  19. peach

    Question lang po, may iniissue na po ba na card yung mag apply pa lang ng non pro or receipt pa rin? Thanks po.

    1. LTO Exam

      Try to ask your nearest LTO branch. This comment section will be closed, and if you have questions, feel free to register and post a new topic in our support forum site. Thank you.

  20. joan

    SP pa po ako I want to know if I can drive na private ang car then kasamo ko ay non-prof lg ang license? And Can I go for non-prof if naka 3months na pero mag18 pa mga 3 months?

    1. LTO Exam

      Yes, you can. You should reached at least 18 years old kahit na 3 months na ang iyong student permit.

  21. Tyn

    Magkanu po drive test pag walang dalang motor

    1. LTO Exam

      Konti lang ang deperensya, just don’t know the latest fee for it.

    2. LTO Exam

      Konti lang ang deperensya, just don’t know the latest fee for it. Better magdala ng sariling motor para mas comfortable para sa actual driving exam.

  22. bong

    may problema left eye ko, pwede ba ako kumuha drivers license?

    1. LTO Exam

      Probably, but with condition. Ask niyo na lang ang LTO district office niyo.

  23. Kevin

    Sir pwede po bang kumuha ng non pro license sa LTO Malagasang dasma cavite?

  24. Ron

    Sir, pwd po bang kumuha ng non-pro kht motorcycle lng ang kayang i drive?

    1. LTO Exam

      Oo, pero 1 lang restriction mo, it means motor lang ang pwedeng i-drive.

  25. ana

    I Have a question po may license po ako 1 lang reatriction ko,gusto ko pa sana mag pa dagdag ng restriction 2,4 para makapag drive po ako ng 4 wheels private lang naman so basically non pro.lang kailangan ko.3 months na po ung lesensya ko pwedi na po ba yun or kailangan ko pa mag wait hangang 6 months po

    1. LTO Exam

      Pwede na magpa-add ng restriction if non-professional license lang kailangan. Kukuha ulit ng test pero included ang pang-4-wheels.

  26. Ramil

    Is the written exam in English or Tagalog?

    1. LTO Exam

      It depends upon your choice. You may choose either Tagalog or English.

  27. issachar

    sir ask ko lang if kung lalabas na exam pagnagtake ako sa non pro is ganyan na ganyan talaga?yung review exam dito?

    1. LTO Exam


  28. issachar

    sir pagkukuha ba ng non pro pwede ang driving lang yung sa motor pwede ba di mag4 wheel drive?

    1. LTO Exam

      If ang restriction code lang ay 1. So basically, ang license mo is for motorcycle lang.

  29. Churchill Y. Hurtado

    Kapag kukuha po ng non pro para sa motor mag dadrive parin po ba kami ng 4wheels sa practical?

    1. LTO Exam

      If 1 lang restriction mo, motorcycle lang, but if 1 and 2, motorcycle and 4-wheels.

  30. Allen

    Sir, anong oras po ba ang pag bukas ng LTO? And kasya ba isang araw makuha ba agad ung license for Non Pro?

  31. Khenz Tallod

    Good day po! Is it okay po na magdala ng motor kahit na SP pa lang po ang license ko? Baka po kasi mahuli naman po ako since sa East Ave po ako magpupunta.

    Pero kung di possible, ano po kaya ang range ng pag arkila ng motor sa kanila?

    Thank you so much! This helps me a lot.

    1. LTO Exam

      Ok lang if may kasama ka na may license.

  32. Jen A.

    Open po ba office nila ng Saturday?

    1. LTO Exam


  33. Jenalyn garcia

    good day, i have a non pro license restriction 1 , will expire on june 30 2018. Gusto ko po sana mag add ng restriction para sa automatic car vehicle. Need ko pa po ba mag exam ulit? At ano po mga requirements? Thanks.god bless.

    1. LTO Exam

      Yes, kailangan mag-exam ulit, practical and written. Nandito sa articles na ito ang requirements, except student permit (previous non-pro license ang i-surrender).

  34. Bhabe grace Sanchez

    Hi Po. Pwede pa Po. Yung SP Ko? Mag 1yr na ngayung May valid paba yon? Kuha sana ako ng Non prof! !
    Thanks Po

    1. LTO Exam

      As long as hindi pa expired.

      1. Rowel aumentado

        1 year po ba expire ng SP .10 months na skn e .. Pwedi pa po ba ikuha profesional mam .sir ?

        1. LTO Exam

          Yes, pwede na.

      2. BRIAN KIT

        Sir, pwede po ba yung restriction code ko is 1 and 2 kahit motor lang yung vehicle ko?

        1. LTO Exam

          Yes, basta maalam kang mag-drive ng 4-wheels para sa actual exam.

      3. Nicky

        Hi. Magaapply ako for non-pro license next month. Restriction is for motorcycle and 4-wheels. Pareho ba silang itetest drive? Also, usually gaano katagal before LTO release the license card? Thanks!

        1. LTO Exam

          Yes, both may test drive. Release of license card varies from place to place, but currently nagre-release na ang LTO. You may ask your LTO district office for that, we are not an employee of LTO.

  35. Emjay

    Ask ko lang po if 1 & 2 ang ilalagay na restrictions for Non Pro license, both po ba ang dapat iactual driving test? Thanks po!

    1. LTO Exam


  36. Ana

    Hi po tanong ko lng po
    Sa martes po kasi ang expriy ng Student licence ko pwede po b ako kumuha ng non-pro sa araw na yun

    1. LTO Exam

      Pwede, pero it’s better before that date.

  37. Jerico Carlos

    Ano po yung kadalasang vehicle na pinapa drive test kapag sa driving exam na po?

    1. LTO Exam

      Suzuki alto for 4-wheels and semi-clutch sa motor.


    Sir/mam.okay lng po ba kumuha ng non pro licence 1 kht walang TIN wala papo kc kung trabaho salalamat po

    1. LTO Exam

      Ok lang.

  39. Lenard

    Pwde po ba kumuha ng non pro restriction 1 po khit na wala pa pong tin?? Di pa kasi ako nagwowork e kaya wla pa akong tin

    1. LTO Exam

      Ok lang.

  40. tristan

    what if bumagsak sa exam for non-pro. gano po katagal bago makapag apply ulit ng retake?

    1. LTO Exam

      One month.

  41. mae

    Ask ko lang poh if valid pa poh ba na kumuha ng non pro. kasi yong SP ko po almost 8months na?

    1. LTO Exam

      Pwede nang kumuha ng non-pro.

  42. Rens

    Hello, Tanong ko lang. Pwede naba mag drive kahit student lang ang license? Thankyou.

    1. LTO Exam

      Kailangan accompanied by a license driver. Kung gusto mong mag-drive mag-isa, kumuha ka na ng non-pro or pro.

  43. menchie alora hugo

    pede po ba ma renew ang expire na sp?

    1. LTO Exam

      Kukuha ka ng panibagong SP.

  44. Kristine Garcia

    Hi ask ko lng po kung halimbawa na nag exam ka today tpos nag failed ka pwede ka po bang mag retake ulit in the same day ? or ilang beses po ba pwede mag retake ng exam sa isang araw ?

    1. LTO Exam

      Kapag bumagsak sa exam, for example, today, after one month pwede ulit kumuha ng exam.

  45. Noel

    Totoo ba na sa LTO Main branch lang puede mag apply ng BAGONG non-professional drivers license? Puede ba sa Pasg Kapitolyo branch?

    1. LTO Exam

      Pwede kahit saan district office.

  46. Cacah

    San po ba malapit na may kuhaan ng non-pro licence taga taguig po ako. Meron po ba sa kapitolyo pasig ?

  47. NgOrn Avanceña

    mom pag dumandag ba ng restriction code maexam pa ba…

    1. Jam

      Pwede po ba kumuha ng medical for non-pro license sa labas ng LTO Marikina..then i-papasa po at aapply ng non-pro sa LTO SAN JUAN?

      1. LTO Exam

        Pwede, provided na accredited ng LTO kung saan ka nag-medical.

    2. LTO Exam

      Yes, probably actual driving exam.

  48. RUEL


    Ask ko lang po , mag rerenew kasi ung kawork ko ng SP nya,!
    but Kumuha sya ng SP sa PILA Laguna (Branch)

    Then we’re planning to renew it sa Lucena (Branch LTO ) Para sa Pro/Non Pro.
    Okay lang po ba un?

    may narinig kasi ako sa ibang mga kasma ko na need nila na sa kung saan kinuha ung student permet dun din dapat mag renew ng Pro or Non Pro..

    salamat po sa pag sagot!

    1. LTO Exam

      Probably, kung saan ka kumuha ng SP, dun ka dapat kukuha ng pro/non-pro.

  49. jonel

    You can bring your own car/motorcycle for actual driving examination,

    Pwede magdala na motor kahit nka SP pa ako? Mag a apply for non Prof? Pwede magdala ng sariling motor kahit wlang pang NON Prof?

    1. LTO Exam

      Probably, for safety reason, magsama ka nang mayroong lisensya.

  50. darren ace

    ask ko lang kasama na po ba sa 820.26 yung exam for non-pro?

    1. LTO Exam


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