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Getting a student permit from LTO is convenient nowadays (see 3 Major Steps in Applying for a Student Driver’s Permit). I remember when I’ve applied for a student permit many years ago, I’ve obtained it in just a few hours even though I’ve applied in the afternoon (I’ve prepared all the requirements prior to the application). However, having a student permit also has its guidelines to be considered. Many student permit holders don’t know what are their responsibilities and limitations. Several people are asking me the common questions with regards to student permit. In this article, we’ll tackle the frequently asked questions in student permit.

  1. How to get a student permit?
    Getting a student permit is just easy. All you need is an NSO birth certificate and money to pay for the necessary fee. Remember, NSO birth certificate is needed! To know more about getting a student permit, visit 3 Major Steps in Applying for a Student Driver’s Permit.
  2. How long is the validity of student permit?
    According to the official LTO government website, student permit shall be valid for one (1) year from date of issuance and may no longer be revised, modified or renewed.
  3. Can I apply for a non-professional or professional driver’s license even if I have an expired student permit?
    No. You should have an unexpired student permit in applying for non-professional or professional driver’s license.
  4. When am I eligible to get a non-professional driver’s license or a professional driver’s license?
    After (1) one month of having a student permit, you can apply for a non-professional driver’s license. In professional driver’s license, you should hold at least (6) six months student permit, following that you are qualified for its rules. For more information, please refer to the article about getting a non-professional driver’s license or professional driver’s license.
  5. Can I drive alone even if I only have a student permit?
    Is it against the law to drive alone if you only hold a student permit. Having a professional or non-professional driver’s license is necessary, meaning, as a student permit holder, you should be accompanied by a person with driver’s license.
  6. If I will drive in the road, is it necessary that a person must have a professional driver’s license to teach me how to drive?
    You may only operate a private vehicle and only if you are accompanied by a duly licensed driver, whether a holder of non-professional or professional driver’s license with the appropriate restriction code for the type of vehicle to be driven.

Here you go, you are now confident because you know the answers to the common questions asked about having a student permit. Remember, a violation even if you only have a student permit will reflect when the time you’re ready to get a driver’s license. Be sure to follow the rules and regulations so that you could eliminate some hurdles in obtaining a driver’s license. Do you have your student permit now? Let us know what is your other questions with regards to it by providing your comments below.

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    1. LTO Exam

      If you are accompanied by a duly licensed driver, you can drive a motorcycle even if it is only a student permit.

      1. Silver

        My students permit was confiscated. what are the fines and charges?

      2. Jay

        Accompanied… Meaning Basta me kasamang may driver’s license kahit di ka angkas (Ang kasama ay sakay sa Isa pang motor)? Okay lang po ba?

  2. Jesse N.Villaseñor

    ask ko lang bakit nagparenew ako ng pdl ko ay inalis nila ang code 8.
    isa po akong ofw at heavy driver po ang license ko abroad.
    na aquire ko ang code 8 long time ago na at nagrenew din nmn ako pero di nila inalis ang code 8 pero now nagparenew ako inalis nila.(binan lto)

    1. LTO Exam

      I-contact niyo mismo kung saan kayo nag-renew, ask niyo kung bakit inalis ang code 8, probably error nila yun.

    2. Rhoel

      If I have a non- professional license, can I drive alone in the road? Can I get a non- professional license even I am just 17 years old or should I wait till I get 18?

  3. rhoan mae antonio

    what would i bring if im going to renew my expired student permit license?

    1. LTO Exam

      Expired student permit, you should bring the requirements stated in this article:


    sir 1month na ba ang student kapag feb 8 ang issue then kukuha ako ng non pro ng march 9?pwede na po ba un kc di ba ang month of feb is until 28 lang?

    1. LTO Exam

      1 month = 30 days.

      1. Paul George

        Yong student permit ko po was issued last December 12, 2018, pwede naba ako mag apply ng non pro by January 11, 2019 po? 30 Days na po yan, at saturday po kasi yong January 12.

    2. jenny

      sana po ibalik nyo s 6 month ung mga student permit bago mbgyan ng non pro drivers license…just saying lang po …

  5. Ardie

    Pwede po ba na yung SP ko na expired na ang ipakit ko sa LTO office pag kukuha po ulit ng new SP? computerized naman na po diba?

    1. LTO Exam


  6. Mer Ibuig

    Pag po ba pang 3 beses na nakakuha ng Student permit at na naexpired ulit, hindi na pwede kumuha ulit?

    1. LTO Exam

      Pwede pa naman.

  7. Mila king

    Hello. What is the requirements if i apply for student permit again. I have an expired SP. ty.

    1. LTO Exam

      Ganun pa din kung papaano ka kumuha ng student permit noon. Read our article:

      1. miggz

        Sir tanong ko lang po.. kapag po ba kumuha ako by monday ng SP., makukuha ko rin po ba agad yun within that day?? And magkano po magagastos ko po sa pagkuha ng SP lahat lahat po??

        1. LTO Exam

          Yes, makukuha mo iyon within a day. For reference sa pagkuha ng SP, read this article:

  8. Apple Angelie T. Nodalo

    Hi just want to ask po, nahuli kasi ako kahapon ng driving with a student permit but without the accompany of a proffesional drivers liscense. Is it true po na pwde makulong ng 1month at ma iimpound po ba ung motor dapat?

    1. Alex

      Hi tanong lang po Ms.Apple, na impound po ba yung sasakyan nyo or nakulong kayo after nyong mahuli driving with SP without a company of a pro/non pro driver?

  9. Andy L.

    Hi! Ask ko lang.
    Dec2017 na expired yun student permit.
    Ofw at kakauwi lang this april2018.
    Pabalik ulit this month sa abroad.
    Pede ba ma renew to non-pro or pro license?
    And ano mga requirements?
    Thank you!

    1. LTO Exam

      Kukuha ka ng panibagong student permit because it is expired na.

  10. KC Gutoman

    pwede po ba kumuha ng non pro license sa mismong araw ng expiration ng SP? valid pa din po ba yung SP nun? baka kasi SP ulit ang ipa apply saken. Thanks.

    1. LTO Exam

      It’s better to get ng non-pro, before that day, you wouldn’t know kung anong mangyari that day if you can apply. Better to be earlier than the expiration ng student permit.

  11. rhenz

    pag kumuha ba ako ng student license then mag drive ako papunta sa work .. pwede po ba un or mahuhuli lang ako ..

    1. LTO Exam

      Bawal mag-drive alone (dapat may kasamang may lisensya) ang student permit lamang ang license.

  12. jadey

    sir kng nahuli po ba aku with violation of NO DL, UNREGSTRD MV, NO OR CR,yearz ago pa po un, and ngaun po magaapply po ng student permit?is it possible pa po ba na mkaapply pa aku?salamat po,,

    1. LTO Exam

      Yes, pwede na. If may violation na ganun may fine, then after one year lamang pwede nang kumuha ng student permit.

  13. jadey simon

    sir for example po,nahuli aku with violation no drvrs licnse, unregstrd motor, no OR CR,..pde pa po ba aku mka apply for stdent license up to non prof or prof?salamat po..

  14. Joan

    Hi po ask ko lang pwede po ba mahdrive ng motor student permit lng ang gamit?ilang months po ba ma eexpired ang student permit?

    1. LTO Exam

      12 months ang validity ng student permit. You can drive ng motor if may kasama kang may non-pro or pro na license. Otherwise, you may be penalize for driving na walang non-pro or pro na license.

  15. Bri

    Paano naman po kapag yung taong may student permit nahuli during driving lesson with a professional driver not knowing na siya po ay learner. Possible po ba na magkaroon po siya ng penalties??? For example you violated traffic rules thus hindi ka pwedeng ticketan because nagaaral ka mag drive. Will that be a problem??

    1. LTO Exam

      Probably ang accountable aside from the student is the instructor because he is the one who teaches the student. If you’re going to get a professional driver’s license, there is a rule that your existing driver’s license should not have 2 or more counts of reckless driving. But in that case, probably may penalties pa din yun because there’s no above the law.

  16. ace deleon

    Good day Sir Wala napo ba talaga chance na ma i renew yung student permit ko to professional driving licence almost 1yr and 5mnths na po diko po na renew agad ofw po ngyn dito po ako sa pilipinas nag babakasakali po.

    1. LTO Exam

      Kukuha ng panibago kapag expired na ang student permit.

      1. Ar-knowld

        Another six Months nanaman po ba yun sir/ma’am ang pag kaka Alam ko may babayadan na kada months ng expired e

  17. Raffa flores

    Pwede na bang mag-apply ng non-professional driver’s license kahit expired na ung student permit?

    1. LTO Exam

      No, dapat hindi expired ang student permit. Kukuha ka ulit ng panibago.

  18. Alex

    My son’s birthday is on August, while his student permit will be 1 month already next month (May). Will LTO allow him to apply for Non-Pro license next month since he is already 18 years old this year (2018),

    1. LTO Exam

      Maybe not because according to LTO, at least 17 years old is required for non-professional driver’s license.

  19. John Doe

    Pwede naman pala ang non-pro kasama ng student. Sabi nila pro lang dapat. Mga non-pro lang kasi halos kilala kong pwede magturo ng libre.

    1. LTO Exam

      Yes, pwede, according sa LTO, he/she should be accompanied by a duly licensed driver which is either non-pro or pro ang license.

      1. Jacel

        hello po pde po ba mag drive ng motor ang may SP kung ang kasama ay non pro with restrictions for matic cars only.

  20. Chester Villaflor

    Ask ko lang po pwede ko po ba ipa laminate yung SP ID Card ko ?

    1. LTO Exam

      Card ba yun o papel na?

  21. Cj

    Pede po ba pa laminate yung papel na student permit? Salamat

    1. LTO Exam

      No need.

  22. James

    If i lost my Student permit, Can i still get a non-prof license immediately with an affidavit?

  23. Mirko Filip

    Pwede ba ko kumuha ng non pro license bukas May 4, 2018 kase April 4 ko nakuha student ko . Salamat sa sagot.

  24. mark brian

    makakakuha po ba ako ng sp kasi isang mata lang po nakakakita sa akin inborn po kasi to pero kaya ko naman mg maneho ng sasakyan.

  25. voughn

    Pwede po ba ako mag drive ng motor kahit student permit lng ang meron ako?

  26. Ivan iligan

    Meron po bang student licence to professional licence sa pasig kapitolyo, i mean yung student ko po pwde ko po bang apply nang professional sa pasig kapitolyo ? Kung di po pwde saan po ang lugar na pwdeng puntahan salamat in advance plss answer po

  27. allan

    pwede po bang magdrive alone na SP lamang ang license sa streets na hindi naman major roads like highways or i mean magddrive lang sa secondary roads na walang mavviolate?

    1. LTO Exam

      It’s better that you’re accompanied by a duly license driver. Yun ang batas kailangan may kasamang may lisensya.

  28. Miguel Pe Benito

    As of now ba po pede non-professional yung mag-accompany sa student’s license holder when driving a vehicle?

    1. LTO Exam

      Even if non-professional holder pwede.

  29. anthony

    If I have a student license, can I drive a car accompanied by a non-prof license holder?

    1. LTO Exam


      1. carisza

        paano po gagawin kapag 2nd time failed sa exam student to pro. may chance pa po ba

  30. Darwin

    Hi . Good day . Asking lang po . Hindi ko po kasi napa non pro or pro student permit ko due to tagal kong wala trabaho kaya walang pera pang asisako na expire po siya last may 19 2018 . Eventually pangatlo napo yun at may nakapagsabi sakin na hindi napo ako pwede kumuha liscense . Ano po pwede ko gawin para makakuha ulit . Sana po may makatulong sakin . Delivery boy po kasi sana papasukan kong trabaho ngayon . Sana po may makatulong sakin . Thank you po . God bless.

  31. ronaa

    hayst, kala ko pag nakakuha ng sp pede ng magmotor mag isa, mag iintay pa pala ng isang buwan 🙁

  32. Ted

    Good Day!

    For Student Licence Application, does it require that you know how to drive?

    Or can you learn while having a student lincence already, then apply for non-pro after?

    Would appreciate your advice 🙂

    1. LTO Exam

      For student, it means you’re a student and you’re in the process of learning and it’s not required for you to know how to drive. You can apply for non-professional driver’s license after you know how to drive.

  33. Michael

    Ano pong violation kapag nag drive na student permit lang at walang kasama? Maiimpound po ba motor? Pwede makulong? Or may fine lang?

  34. Diether Dela Torre

    Hello po, diba may medical na requirements paano po kung colorblind ang isang tao pero hindi naman malabo ang mata pwede pa poba siyang makakuha ng license?

  35. Eman

    Sir na impound motor ko noon at na ticketan ako ng driving without licence kasi student permit pa and expired registration. .mag 1 year na violation ko . Gusto ko sana kumuha ngayon ng Student Permit ulit . Pwede po ba ako maka kuha ng Student permit kahit nandiyan pa violation ko ? balak ko lang sana kumuha ng Student permit

  36. Allen Catayas

    Good morning- pwede pa pa ba makakuha ng pro drivers license Kung 8 months na ang student permit?

    1. LTO Exam

      Yes, 12 mo. expiration ng student permit.

      1. Reg

        Kung may expired student permit ako. Then kumuha ako ulit bagong student permit. Do i still need to wait for one month bago ako makakuha ng nonpro or i can take non pro any time

  37. AIlene

    My student licensed is 6months already. Can i still apply for non pro licensed?

    1. LTO Exam

      Yes, you can.

  38. carisza

    paano po kung nagtake ng 2nd time exam but failed student to pro po sana may chance pa po ba to retake again??

  39. carisza

    paano po gagawin kapag 2nd time failed sa exam student to pro. may chance pa po ba

  40. jason

    Gud day po Ma’am/Sir , may tanong po sana ako . last yr na huli apo ako SP po yung gamit ko after 1 yr nag kuha ulit ako ng SP ilang moths/days po ba bago makakuha ng non-prof license . ?

    1. LTO Exam

      one month

    2. Len

      Good day po. Ask lang po pwede pa po ba kumuha ng student d.l kahit naka 3 beses kumuha? Ofw po husband ko kaya hndi niya marenew to non pro agad. Thank you po

  41. Ramoncito

    Ok lng po b mg drive ng motorcycle ng solo kahit student license lng gamit ko?

    1. LTO Exam

      If may kasama/kaangkas na mayroong lisensya.

  42. noy

    is the motorcyle written test the same as for the car written test? i can only see written test reviewer for cars nothing for motorcycle reviewer.

    it says that a foreigner needs to wait a year before he/she could apply for a driver’s license. does this count for former filipino also?

    1. LTO Exam

      Yes, it is the same. Probably, you may ask the LTO district office near you.

  43. Norsel

    Medyo confused po ako. Some people are suggesting me na Professional DL ang kunin ko instead na non-pro (may SP na po ako). Sabi kasi nila mas strong ang professional dl kesa non pro saka hnd daw pwede mag long drive ang non pro holder kung walang ksamang my license din. Totoo po ba un? Girl po ako and baka ma.question ako kung bakit magpo.professional dl ako if ever un kunin ko.

    1. LTO Exam

      If you have a non-professional driver’s license, you are eligible to drive private vehicles while professional driver’s license entitles you to drive both private and public vehicles. So, you can driver anywhere you want kahit non-pro, ang professional is for driver’s na pwedeng mamasada.

  44. Dee

    Pwede po ba kumuha ulet ng student permit khit mlapit pa lang mag expire ung luma?

    1. LTO Exam

      After expiration lamang pwedeng kumuha.

  45. Joy

    Pagkumuha ng sp 17 yrs old after 1 month pede n sya mg apply ng non pro? This coming DEC 18 yrs old n sya..pede nb mag non pro ang 17yrs old? Tnx

    1. LTO Exam

      Kailangan 18 years old according to the updated age requirement for the application of new non-pro or pro license.

      1. stan

        Hi, I have a question here regarding the Student permit, there was an incident na nagmomotor and nahuli ako and i have 3 violations instead of impounding my vehicle they confiscated my Student license because i refused to surrender it. Now, im wondering if i could file for a new application of student permit since it was already a long period of time. hoping for a fast answer. Thanks

      2. Christian Ocampo

        Hi! Can I still apply for non-pro even if my student permit expired just a month ago?

      3. John jordan montero

        Kapag po my non pro licence n q ilang bwan po bago aq mg apply ng international licence

      4. Ryuji B. Malumbaga

        Hi, pag nahuli po ba ako na Student Permit lang ang dala habang nag drive ng motor ay ma impound po ba ang motor?

  46. Jer

    Hi LTO team, tatanong ko lang po kung same lang po yung exam for NON-PRO and PRO magkakatalo lang poba sa percentage ng passing score. SP holder palang po ako for almost 9months. And okay lang poba na 2 wheels padin ang gamit sa test drive kapag sa PRO or 4 wheels na

  47. jayson

    nawala po yung sp ko makakakuha po ba ako ulit? hindi pa po expire, ano kya requirments? tsaka magkano po kaya? thanks po,,

  48. Ashley

    hi, may exam po ba pag magaaply ng SP?

  49. Agatha Garcia

    So meaning po, yung student’s permit, maeexpire siya after a year? So you can still drive the whole year without renewal? tapos yung 30 days na sinasabi after makakuha ng permit is para sa non-pro license? Thanks

  50. Laren Mae panal

    Good evening po. Ask ko lang po sana kung nag iisue parin po ba nung Card para sa license ng mga student driver? or papel lang talaga siya? nacoconfuse kasi kami dahil meron po kaming nakita na may card nung student driver na color orange last 2015 ata yun or 2016. Thanks

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